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The Philippines 2008 – Boracay Island

2007 saw me visit 8 (that’s EIGHT!) countries (but I really don’t like to talk about it!!) with perhaps my favourite trip being to Palawan in the Philippines and so I decided to return to the country mid-March albeit a different island and … Continue reading

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Hakuba Revisited For A Weekend Of Snowboarding

My mate Ethan and I made our way to Hakuba in Nagano at the end of February for our annual (if two consecutive years can be considered annual!) snowboarding trip. Pretty much identical to last years really and that certainly … Continue reading

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Turning Japanese – Songs About Japan

In NME the other week, British new wave band Klaxons talked about Japan being a head-trip and one of the maddest and most different places on earth which got me thinking (admittedly not for the first time) about international artists who feel … Continue reading

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More To Drops Than Meets The Eye!

It’s a fairly known fact that the Japanese work ridiculously long hours each and every day which may explain why they always seem to be sleeping in public whether it be on the trains or in their cars parked by … Continue reading

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Never Mind Your P’s And Q’s!

Having been here a few years now it’s fair to say that I am used to many of the very different customs that spin the heads of many visitors who go away talking of culture shock and all that. However, being … Continue reading

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Two’s Company Three’s A Crowd???

Last month was observation time for me again and on this occasion my boss decided to come and watch what I consider to be my best kids class. Not only was he present in the classroom but so too was his boss … Continue reading

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