Two’s Company Three’s A Crowd???

Last month was observation time for me again and on this occasion my boss decided to come and watch what I consider to be my best kids class. Not only was he present in the classroom but so too was his boss who was observing him! Turns out he wasn’t just watching him watching me but watching my lesson and then comparing notes to see if their thinking was likewise.

Intimidating for most but the show-off in me was nervously excited about showing them what I could do. Thankfully the kids weren’t phased by having all these grown men in the classroom which was a relief as they can often withdraw into their shells in a major way. On the contrary as they were actually more playful than usual and maybe playing up to the crowd.

The lesson started with the entrance drill to the sound of the theme from ‘Rocky‘ which went off very well and then it was into a fairly sizable chunk of review games which I tend to do most weeks before hitting them with the new target language. This time it was the use of “Do you have a/an…..” which of course sounds like a piece of p*ss to anyone reading this but for their age (9-10) its not that simple and even more difficult is changing “do you” to “does he/she” when talking about someone else.

Also on the agenda were the phonic sounds ‘ee’, ‘oa’, ‘ai’, ‘or’ which need to be known to help their reading. It wasn’t just the language that was being observed but also my pacing, timing, preparation, student rapport, classroom management, discipline, control, drilling and so on.

Quite a lot to look at in just 55 minutes I’m sure you’ll agree and luckily I came out of it fairly well following my feedback session the other week. In fact I received a lot of praise which was just reward for my efforts with this particular class over the last two years. Of course there were also some areas which I need to work on to make me a better teacher and I will bare them in mind over the next few weeks as I continue in this job.

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