Everybody Needs Good Neighbours!

One of the units in the intermediate level course i teach talks about neighbours and involves a load of questions about how students’ get on with them. The perfect opportunity for me to use the ‘Neighbours‘ TV theme to manipulate the target language and do a gap-fill listening exercise.

I have to say that I did feel a little embarassed sitting there while it played a couple of times but no more embarassing than visiting the TV show’s outdoor filming location in Melbourne three times or going to the ‘Meet the Neighbours Night’ or the many other Australian soap related things I have done which can be seen in a photo slideshow here.

I did the listening with two groups with one faring slightly better than the other but given that yours truly didn’t know some of the lyrics from 20 years of watching it I have to say that they shouldn’t be too worried about not catching certain words! Always nice to bring something different to the classroom and I was quite surprised how well it did actually link in to the lesson objective.

Australia Aug '07 087

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