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No Distance To Far!

Throughout my life I’ve never had to regularly travel to school or work for more than about 30 minutes from A to B. I felt that that used to be a lot at times and I still do but thats nothing … Continue reading

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Ready, Steady, Cook!

Since the launch of this site I have had tonnes of feedback (well, about 5 half-arsed comments!) and it seems opinion is divided. On the one hand there are those who think my site is a little dull and on the other are … Continue reading

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May The Forks Be With You!

Overall I have been living in Japan for nearly 2 years now. Before I came out to Japan I had only ever used chopsticks once and that was at my job interview where I was given a free bento box … Continue reading

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The Gullable Japanese Music Market……..Or Not!!

I am a big music fan and so buying cd’s here is of great interest and fascination to me as so many international bands seem to add one or two bonus tracks on to their albums. Is there any reason why Japan … Continue reading

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Hail The El Pres!dente

Just got back from HMV in Shibuya where I saw Scottish band El Presidente play a live and free five/six song set culminating in their first hit ‘Without You‘ which has been played to death on local station Inter FM … Continue reading

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Beep Beep! Pardon Me!

I feel a little embarassed to write this but obviously not enough to deter me from actually doing so!! A few years ago I was in Perth in Australia with a mate and we were laughing and joking around when a … Continue reading

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Maid In Heaven!

One of the most recent trends in Tokyo (particularly in Akihabara electric town) has been the increase in Maid Cafes. Given that this place is most commonly associated with geeks it is probably no surprise that these cafes are supposedly … Continue reading

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Welcome To Geek World!!

Well you never thought it would happen and neither did I but its time for the 2nd entry on this blog thingy which we call Tokyo Fox. Last Sunday I went to Akihabara which is the place for all items electrical (and … Continue reading

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Tokyo Fox – The Dawn Of A New Era

Welcome to the first and maybe even the last of my blog articles here on the newly launched Tokyo Fox website. Will have to see how long the novelty of this lasts but give it a few weeks and it’ll … Continue reading

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