Ready, Steady, Cook!

Since the launch of this site I have had tonnes of feedback (well, about 5 half-arsed comments!) and it seems opinion is divided. On the one hand there are those who think my site is a little dull and on the other are those who think it’s very boring!!

Some Dick (Richard Thompson to be precise) even dared to suggest that I would get bored of this blogging lark and that I would be writing stuff like “……….bought an egg sandwich today, it was nice!!”  Wrong on two accounts mate. Firstly, I would never buy an egg sandwich! Secondly, Tokyo is a city that is so so different to any place I have ever been and there is so much stuff to reveal. I have been here for nearly two years now so I just need to think back to what was different back then but I now have got (more-or-less) accustomed to. The only problem of course may be whether I can be bothered to log my thoughts here.

Anyway, yesterday I had a unique experience. When most Westerner people think of Japan they think of samarai, sumo, sake and of course sushi which is what I made yesterday. Other than scrambled egg on toast and a pot noodle (called cup noodle here) I have never used a kitchen in such a way. During my first year in Japan I didn’t even go to a sushi restaurant but this time I got hooked and I now really like ‘kaiten-zushi’ (conveyor-belt sushi bars). Basically all I had to do was take a thin sheet of dried ‘nori’ (a type of seaweed) and spread some vinegared rice over it before putting some raw seafood in the middle and then roll it using a special rolling utensil as shown in the pictures.

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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