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A Spook-tacular Halloween (2013)

“As if suffering from earthquakes, typhoons and other natural phenomena wasn’t enough, the denizens of Tokyo also have to put up with supernatural occurrences in the form of folkloric creatures, gods, demons and other evil spirits that haunt the city…..” … Continue reading

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20 Movie Characters’ Homes You Can Visit

A tour of movie stars homes in Los Angeles in 2002 left me fairly unimpressed but since then I’ve found something of much more interest to me and that’s the places where some of films most famous characters live. Over … Continue reading

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TF Top 5……Rules That Japanese Break

Japanese people are famed throughout the world for conforming to society and following rules to the letter of the law unlike in the west where such things result in many of us seeing how far we can bend or get … Continue reading

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Review: Films Set In Japan – Lost In Translation (2003)

This then is the moment I’ve not been looking forward to but the tenth anniversary of ‘Lost In Translation‘ seems to be a good time to give my take on a film which has caused me to have many different … Continue reading

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Tokyo Daytripper: Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki

Whilst skimming my way through the latest articles on the excellent RocketNews24 website last month, one particular story stuck out under their typically over-long subject headers: ‘Do Not Adjust Your Monitor – Hitachi Seaside Park Really Looks Like This‘. It … Continue reading

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“Hell On Wheels” – My Metropolis Magazine Article

Of the many cycling themed tours of Tokyo I’ve done over the years I’d have to say that perhaps the most satisfying was last October’s ‘Cycling Tokyo’s Most Haunted Sights…In One Day’ trip. It wasn’t so much for the actual … Continue reading

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Dining Out: The Hooters Tokyo Crawl

With my American friend Ethan back in town for a brief visit recently, we met up in a sophisticated and upmarket part of Tokyo for a spot of lunch one afternoon with that restaurant being…….Hooters Ginza!!   For anyone who … Continue reading

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6 Movies ‘Set’ In Japan But Filmed Elsewhere

Unlike other Asian countries, foreign production companies usually remain faithful to Japan by actually filming on location when need be but there are of course times when other places are used to fill in for the country. One of the … Continue reading

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TF Flashback – Yoron (2004)

The beautiful snail-shaped island of Yoron-jima is very close to Okinawa but in fact belongs to Kagoshima prefecture and lies just 25km north of Japan’s hottest climate area. Back in October 2004 (12th-15th) I visited the island via transit in … Continue reading

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Tokyo Filming Locations On Google Maps…Finally!!

Since first starting the Tokyo Filming Locations part of this blog in 2009 it has grown into a pretty sizeable piece of work leading to some readers enquiring about whether I had a map detailing whereabouts each and every site … Continue reading

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