Tokyo Fox – The Dawn Of A New Era

Welcome to the first and maybe even the last of my blog articles here on the newly launched Tokyo Fox website. Will have to see how long the novelty of this lasts but give it a few weeks and it’ll no doubt be nothing more than a fading memory!!

For interesting facts, stats, insightful info on life as a ‘gaijin‘ in Japan, wit, humour, jokes, strong opinions you have come to the wrong place but if you are an internet geek or just killing time in a dull mundane job then why not check back here every few days to read the latest goings on in my life abroad.

I recently left Tokyo behind during my Winter Christmas break to spend two and a bit weeks in Fukuoka…







untitled  untitled




…and Kyoto.

untitled  untitled

No sooner had I returned from the Kansai region and I was off to Seoul over in South Korea (below) where I managed to spend all of about four minutes in North Korea!

PA060241  PA060241b

It really was one of the most surreal border crossings ever which involved just walking around a conference table on the border guarded by a soldier from the north at one end and one from the south at the other. Other highlights included a traditional dance performance, a beautiful temple, some local food and a trip to the World Cup Stadium.

PA060240a  PA060240b  PA060240  untitled  PA060241a  xmas trip 004

Click here to read ‘Welcome To Geek World!!’

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