Welcome To Geek World!!

Well you never thought it would happen and neither did I but its time for the 2nd entry on this blog thingy which we call Tokyo Fox. Last Sunday I went to Akihabara which is the place for all items electrical (and also for Maid cafes but thats another story!!) and spent a sh#tload on a new laptop computer which I have become very attached to.

I used to have to sit at an old computer in the doorway of my house for the last 9 mths but now I have to sit on my futon which means my legs ache after so long sitting crossed legs. Anyway the main reason for getting the laptop was to be able to move into the 21st century and download stuff (all legally of course!) and in particular music.

I spent the first few days importing all my cd’s onto iTunes and am now on the scrounge for any music so if any of those who use msn messeneger have any mp3 files to send me then let me know what. Obviously I won’t hold my breath waiting for the offers to roll in!

Another benefit of the computer laptop is to listen to UK radio on-line and without having to use headphones like I did when I was in the communal part of my house ( I share with 3 other people for those not in the know).

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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