Beep Beep! Pardon Me!

I feel a little embarassed to write this but obviously not enough to deter me from actually doing so!! A few years ago I was in Perth in Australia with a mate and we were laughing and joking around when a vehicle of some sort tooted its horn and we simultaneously said “Pardon me” like one does when they fart. Not really funny but being the juveniles that we were we found it hilariously funny. But did we leave it at that?

Of course we didn’t and instead decided to milk such a pathetically childish joke for all it was worth. After that, everytime we heard a car horn we would rush to say pardon me and when we got to Sydney our Japanese friend even joined in on the game. Years passed by and this p*ss-poor excuse for game faded into oblivion apart from the occasional re-union with my friend who’s identity I will predict.

Lets just call him Richard Richard for the sake of it, mainly because thats his real name! Anyway, towards the end of last year I remembered such tomfoolery and rather than coming up with anything original and amusing I just decided to re-hash this cr*ppy phrase. Amazingly some Japanese people found it funny but the sad thing now is that I can’t stop saying it even when I’m walking down the streets alone.

“Nurse, the screens……..”

About tokyofox

A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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