I Feel The Earth Move!

I have always liked a sense of danger whether it be going snowboarding down the steepest of slopes, skydiving from 12,000 feet or doing three bungy jumps in one day including one from a ridiculously high 134metres. Anyway, thats enough of my showing off. All of those activities can be controlled to some extent but the danger that I experience (and actually quite enjoy!) in Japan is that of earthquakes.

Of course I am not such a madman that I want to see destruction and devestation but when the buildings shake I quite like the sense of not knowing what may happen or how powerful they are.

20% of the worlds earthquakes happen here as the country is located on the boundaries of at least three tectonic plates. During my time in Japan I must have experienced well over a thousand (probably more in fact) minor earthquakes and every so often a fairly big one comes along. There hadn’t been a notable one for a while until Tuesday night when the place shook for about a minute.

Every time there is one that is noteworthy I get asked by my students if England gets them. I have only ever experienced one and that went un-noticed by me. It was early 2003 and I was at my parents place which is next to a railway line and so vulnerable to shakes from the passing trains so when it really shook one night I just assumed it was a slightly more powerful locomotive than normal. I was then quite shocked to hear the following morning that we had had an earthquake.

So despite Japan being one of the safest places in terms of security it is potentially the one of the most dangerous in terms of natural disasters.

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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