See You Bai Bai!!

A few weeks ago I wrote about a sad farewell and this last week has had a few similar moments. My school year is the same as the financial year meaning that a new year starts on April Fools Day. Its all change at my schools therefore and so this week I have had to say ‘See you bai bai’ (the Japanese interpretation of our goodbye) to a number of my kids.

The saddest of these was on Thursday when I had my last lesson with two of my favourite students. The two girls are both five years old and great fun to teach and well behaved  but with enough cheek to make it a bit more exciting for me to teach them. I find there’s no challenge in teaching kids who do everything you ask of them.

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The harsh reality of these farewells is that the kids don’t really care (it was the same for me when I was younger and teachers came and went) and that within a few minutes of their next lessons with the new teacher I will no doubt be long forgotten. I will have to see what my new schedule is like for the next term to see if they will become history or fondly remembered. In some ways I hope the latter but I don’t really want to become depressed about it if my new class doesn’t make me happy.untitled untitled

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