TF Film Review: Wallace & Gromit In The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit (2005)

Finally got to see the Wallace and Gromit film yesterday evening. Yes I know it came out about 7 months ago in the UK but it only just got released in Japan two weeks ago. I saw that it even came out on dvd back home before getting its release here. I don’t know why it takes so long for some of these film to appear. I’ve heard stuff in the past about this being due to time for subtitles and promotion to happen but I don’t see why it takes that long.

Anyway, I went to see it with all my mates (i.e. alone!) and thoroughly enjoyed it though I didn’t think it was as good as the three 30 minute episodes of recent years. Timing (85 mins) was not a problem though as I can just about concentrate for that long unlike when watching some of the recent epics such as King Kong (three hours long!).

Its fair to say my concentration is limited so I feel lucky that I have rarely ever had to watch a film with subtitles. I can only ever remember watching ‘Run Lola Run‘ (1988) in German and as anyone who has seen that film knows the subtitles are very very limited anyway. The Japanese however have to focus on the screen for the duration (whereas I can look away for a moment and not miss anything because I can obviously still hear whats happening) and even then they still miss so many subtleties. Puns don’t translate at all well so this is another problem given that there are a few good ones in the film.


Tokyo Fox & Gromit

There were all of 16 people in the cinema for the Japanese subtitled showing (rather than the dubbed version) and the guy next to me fell asleep which is not too surprising given what I have said before about the Japanese always being tired and sleeping everywhere.

Another difference at the cinemas is that often the Japanese stay till the very end of the credits whereas in the UK we’re out and half-way home before they’ve ended.

Tokyo Fox Rating 8/10

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  1. M0NK3H says:

    I’ve gota ask what is Pepsi NEX.  Is it pepsi; diest, max or cino ?

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