My Trusted Old Bag Is Head-ing For The Bin

For my birthday in 1992 I was given a black ‘Head’ ruck-sack by one of my sisters and almost everywhere I’ve been since then that bag has been with me. However, last months trip to the Philippines may well have been its last stand as one of the straps broke. Luckily for me it came apart when I was back on dry land but only just. If it had happened a few minutes earlier some of my most important possessions would have got soaked and without doubt would have been useless thereafter.

Back in 1992 I was a high school student and at some point in the following year I thought it cool to scrawl the name U2 in the bottom corner in tip-ex as they were my favourite band of the time. 15 years later and that graffiti still remains on the bag and I guess I should be thankful that I still really like them. When I think of the other bands that I liked back in the early 90s i feel lucky that I didn’t write any of them on it.

As the years have passed the bag has inevitably suffered wear and tear but for my next trip i will now have a new companion. Will I miss the old one and the memories (I will resisit the temptation to namedrop the countries I’ve been to with that bag) that go with it? I doubt it as after all its just a bag isn’t it?

About tokyofox

A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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