All Work & Lots Of Play!

The Japanese working day is ridiculously long compared to that in the west. The traditional nine to five working day is fairly unheard of and instead there is a ten till nine  day or something like that. Thats not to say that they do any more work than us but they have a culture whereby they feel the need to stay in the office until their boss has called it a day. This is also for fear of upsetting their colleagues and thus uspetting the social harmony of the office but i don’t agree with that in the workplace. It’s far more fun and usual to gloat to co-workers about your impending holidays or days off or whatever.

Luckily I work for a British company so don’t have to follow such stupid rules but yesterday I did get a taster of what such a long working day is like. I had to teach another Spring school kids lesson special between 10am and noon which was a small and very likeable group which I enjoyed very much and passed by fairly quickly. After that I had my regular schedule from 1 pm which also included lots of new kids classes as April brought about a new school year. Having arrived in the school at 9:30 am it was 9 pm by the time I left for a few cheeky pints.

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