The Walk Of The Town!

Think I’ve finally come to that point in my life where the pounds start to pile on and I can no longer survive on all the cr*ppy junk food I have been eating for most of my life. In light of this i have been trying to survive on a more balanced diet.

I was therefore very thankful to be given a walkometer by a student the other day which I have been constantly checking since then. He said that you should be looking to average around 10,000 steps per day or whatever it measures. Have been easily surpassing that every day so far mainly due to having many kids classes which keep me stood up and constantly moving and running around the classroom. I think I scored about 18000 on my marathon working day last Wednesday which is mentioned elsewhere on this site.

However, on Saturday i don’t teach any kids lessons so was a little taken aback at how few steps i had done. As a result I decided to walk to the next station to where I work to visit a ‘Book Off’ which is just a second hand book and CD/DVD store. The name of the store is sadly not a rude pun but basically just means book discount.

Anyway, the walk there bumped up my daily step tally although not sure if it did too much for my health as I ate a cake en-route! The only thing that balanced up was the one that I had had the day before which I don’t think is quite what is meant by a balanced diet!

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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