Tokyo Fox Makes It To Two Years!!

Cast your mind back excatly two years ago and its fairly likely you won’t remember what happened. If you do its almost certain that you won’t be aware that today is the 2nd Anniversary of this blog. When I told people back then that I had started recording my life on a website they laughed but a couple of years on and they’re not laughing now are they?!!

I didn’t think I would make it beyond a few stories and some random photo albums but somehow I have scraped the barrel to churn out entry after entry and rather proud of it I am too. Whether anyone else is I don’t know! With the continued growth of sites like Facebook, Myspace and Bebo I am not sure whether there’s such a demand for following friends fortunes via blogs. The hits on this blog have been very consistent all this time which I guess are reasonable but nothing special but if you are reading this then thank you very much and please continue to check out the site.

About tokyofox

A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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1 Response to Tokyo Fox Makes It To Two Years!!

  1. Gideon says:

    Congratulations on a couple of well-spent years! While I’m at it, may I mention that a certain other site is also celebrating it’s anniversary as well? I’d say that blogging is far from dead, but will actually continue to grow. It doesn’t have to just be a place where people say what they are doing- it’s more offering something unique- a fresh perspective, or a source of information on something. I’ve also noticed that people see my blog updates through Facebook importing them as ‘notes’- people who’d never otherwise read them and they are much more in depth than what I have room for there. I think the two go quite well together. Another thing is that the blog stays online through changing times, along with all the history- some people have even published their blog as a book!

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