Not Sweet On ‘Giri Choco’

“There were many girls banging on my door this Valentines morning…….and then I let them out!!”

I did promise the same usual jokes last year and Tokyo Fox is certainly not one to disappoint its readers so here’s the other one!

“I couldn’t open my door this Valentines morning……..because I’d lost my key!!”

It’s fair to say that I’m not a fan of Valentines Day though I do see it as good for secret admirers. If you thought the day was a load of commercialised nonsense created by card manufacturers or whatever then that’s nothing compared to Japan! They spend billions and billions of yen each year on chocolates which are given out by women on February 14th and returned a month later by the men on the farce that is White Day. In my opinion ‘Giri choco‘ (obligation chocolate) is a daft Japanese idea (as is White Day) where chocolates are given out willy-nilly to family, friends and colleagues rather than just to lovers or people you fancy (without them knowing).

Anyway, I did get a few chocolates this last week including some lovely home-made chocolates from my girlfriend which now means I have to return the favour on 14th March which kind of grates with me as I hate being told when I have to show love or whatever for I am a romantic each and every day!!

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