Baby, It’s Cold Outside

This last month has certainly been the coldest I’ve ever felt during my years in Japan and by some distance too. Snow has appeared several times in the last couple of weeks so I have basically continued from where I left off in Iceland over the New Year.

Despite these freezing temperatures it may surprise you that I am now going to moan about how hot it is inside public places like shops and stations. My ar*e was almost burning on the train seat the other week which may sound nice to some but honestly some of these places are ridiculously over-heated that one can sweat needlessly, particularly during rush hour. This country has implemented ‘coolbiz’ (dressing down at work in the Summer) to save energy costs so why not further promote their ‘warmbiz’ campaign for the same reason.

I sometimes feel that the Japanese have been over-pampered in terms of what are excessive indoor temperatures in my opinion (but completely normal for them) for when one goes outdoors the fluctuations in body temperature are greater than elsewhere which may explain why they don’t seem to fight the common cold so well.

Of course there may be other reasons for catching this in a city so packed but it can’t help and (without starting to sound like my mother) there is less benefit to be felt when you go from the cosy warmth indoors to that outside. Therefore the lower the difference the easier it is for you to adapt or am i just talking out of what was burning on that train seat?!!

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