Changing TV Channels Is Now A Remote Possibility!!

After many days of fannying around with cables and other stuff I finally have satelite television in the form of SkyPerfect TV. I’m already quite bored of it though as theres not much of interest on the likes of CNN, BBC World, Fox, Discovery, MTV Japan and the many sports channels. In my first year in Japan I had satelite TV and it was a most welcome luxury but since then my computer has become more valuable as I can see and hear most things on that thanks to the world of downloading. Back in 2004  I got into programmes like ‘Friends‘ and ‘X-Files‘ which I had never watched in their mid-nineties heyday. I enjoyed the episodes but don’t think I actually properly understood one……………and ‘X-Files‘ was pretty difficult to follow too!!

The world cup games are all shown in full but none live so thats of absolutely no use to me as I hate watching games when they’re not live. The commentary is also available only in Japanese so it seems I will be getting very little use out of the many channels till the start of the Premiership season. The plus point is that I can now watch TV without having to get up to change channels manually.

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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