Bumping Into People……….Quite Literally

With a population of 27 million living in the Tokyo metropolis it is fairly impossible not to rub shoulders with fellow inhabitants. Obviously this doesn’t sound too bad if that person in question is a cutie but its more than likely to be a sweaty salaryman (Japanese businessman) stinking of post-work alcohol.

If you imagine what its like when you have left a concert or sports event then you will appreciate what it is like for me every single day living in this city. People say that you can never walk in a straight line in this capital and this is very true but it is enhanced by what seems like severe lack sense of direction from some Japanese people. Shinjuku station is the worlds busiest station with millions using it everyday and the constant movements in all directions gave my mum a headache when she visited as its a far far cry from my hometown.

Where I come from people tend to move out of the way when someone is approaching in a way which could cause a collision. In fact we usually move so far out of the way that some people reply with the “I’m not that fat!” line. That doesn’t happen here as people tend to stand still and hold their position. On top of that there appears to be no sense of giving way. One can be speeding down the pavement and someone will be walking very slowly and see them coming but still think nothing of coming out from a shop straight into their path. The country’s extreme obsession with mobile phones probably heightens this and makes peoples sense of what is going on around them worse.

Waiting for a train is organised chaos as the Japanese line-up very very orderly in anticipation of its arrival but when it does arrive all hell can sometimes break loose and people can push and shove to get on, and sometimes before they’ve even let passengers get off. Most of the time though its ok for me and from what I have heard its way more efficient than in China.

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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