‘Pantsu Getta’ – The Latest Pervy Japanese Game

I’m not usually one to talk about news related items (thats if you can even call it news!) as I’m too busy talking about myself on these self indulgent things which we call blogs but I thought this far too interesting to not mention! I heard about this パンツゲッタ article in the most recent ‘Metropolis’ which is a popular free magazine for foreigners living in Japan. Its the game thats sweeping the nation……………..or maybe not!!


UPDATE: It seems that the above link is long broken so for those desparate to know what the game is I will enlighten you. From what I remember, girls hide their panties in a public place somewhere and then post hints on-line which people can then go and hunt for and the one who finds them gets to keep them and use them how he wants! Best not to think about that part!

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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2 Responses to ‘Pantsu Getta’ – The Latest Pervy Japanese Game

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