A Nice ‘Only In Japan’ Moment

From time to time I do make light-hearted fun of the Japanese but one of the nicest things about living here is its safety in terms of crime. As for natural phenomena like earthquakes, typhoons and so on, that is a different story altogether!!

One of the reasons most of the Japanese sleep in so many public places is because it is safe to do so with the knowledge that when they wake up they will still have all their possessions on them.

As I got into bed on Wednesday night I realised that I’d left my SD Memory card (used in my mobile and digital camera) in the machine at ‘7 Eleven’ when I was printing out a photo a couple of hours earlier. I have to admit as I jogged on down to the convenience store that I did kind of expect it to be there and sure enough it was. Exactly where I left it in the machine rather than having been handed in. Mighty relieved I was too as the memory card holds many photos from the last year.

In many countries if you put a wallet down in public for a moment there is a big risk of it being snatched away but in Japan it is very very likely that if you leave it somewhere then it will still be in that same place or have been handed into the police complete with all the money too. It has even been known for some Japanese people to use one of the groups wallets, purses or mobile phones to reserve a table for them in a restaurant whilst they order their food!

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