A ‘Grate’ Barbeque Party!

My school had its rescheduled BBQ Party in Futako-Shinchi on the 7th of October after rain had stopped play the previous week. There were many groups of people out enjoying the Autumn sunshine in our location next to the river. Our little group comprised of mostly teachers with a few students thrown in too. Nothing appeals to us teachers more than a free party and, with the following day a school/national holiday, the opportunity to get completely sozzled without paying too many consequences was not one to be missed!

Shane BBQ Party 006 Shane BBQ Party 009 Shane BBQ Party 022 Shane BBQ Party 023 Shane BBQ Party 024 Shane BBQ Party 030

Having surprisingly defeated the Wallabies in the Rugby World Cup the night before the English among our group were in a good mood for a typical Aussie BBQ and everyone brought enough meat to the table for no-one to go hungry.

The game of football which came next showed that there was no footballing ability among us to put too much pressure on the current school teams squad members! The climax to the days preceedings were the hundreds and hundreds of sparklers which were given out willy nilly and the fireworks display brought the event to a close.

Of course the action didn’t finish there as a fair few of us continued on to a bar in Shibuya and the inevitable all-night karaoke. I thought i did very well to stay awake all night this time but those initial thoughts were proved wrong a few days later when my school manager showed a photo of me having a quick nap on the streets of Shibuya prior to the singing session.

Shane BBQ Party 029 Shane BBQ Party 041

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