African Festival Yokohama

There always seems to be a load of festivals in Tokyo metropolis every year with each one focusing on a different country. I went to a fair few last year and last Friday I went to Yokohama for the African Festival.

It was a nice sunny afternoon so I was a little disappointed that it was inside. Of course if I had read the advert properly I would have been able to realise that! It wasn’t as interesting as last Summers one in Hibiya Park as there weren’t as many African countries represented with their own stall selling or displaying goods relevant to that country.

I met up with my school manager Shinobu who lives nearby and we perused the stalls, witnessed a djembe lesson, saw some live music and ate food from Sudan which I assume is much better than the mass-produced rubbish typicaly served up at festivals! The highlights for us were Shinobu having her photo taken with Sankon-san who is Nigerian and supposedly a famous TV personality in Japan not that I would know it. I was more than pleased to have my photo taken with a sexy girl dressed in an outfit resplendent of the Ghana flag.

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