Students Coming And Going (Mostly The Latter Though!!)

I’ve mentioned before that it’s part and parcel of life as a teacher that students will come and go but lately it seems to have been a bad time with a fair few students going or soon to be leaving. The end of March is the climax of the school year and inevitably with this there are some changes, particularly where the kids are concerned due to their age, lesson time and other school commitments.

In the last year I have tried to breathe fresh life into most of my lessons because if you don’t teaching can become a bit tedious and so consequently I have increased my efforts in making my lessons (even!) more entertaining by trying to come up with new and different things. This includes using music, photos, worksheets, real menus and information pamphlets, special lessons and so on which keeps me interested, motivated and (hopefully) more sane than if I was to just do the bare minimum and wing each lesson.

I hope I don’t sound too arrogant when I say that these students are not leaving because of me or my lessons being bad or whatever but I do take it personally. Also, its a numbers game and even though most of the students excuses or reasons for leaving/transferring are valid I realise only too well that it many not look that way to anyone looking in from the outside. Of course in due time the departing students will be substituted for new ones but at the moment I just feel unfortunate that a fair number of people all seem to be going in close proximity to one another.

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