15 Years Of Tokyo Fox: The Posts With The “Least” Hits For Each Year

Fifteen years! How the hell did that happen!! There’s not much more to say than what I wrote in my ‘10 Years of Tokyo Fox‘ post five years ago about how it all began and the journey so far. Instead of regurgitating all that again lets just take a look at the biggest flop for each year from 2006 till 2020.

If you thought the recent ‘Posts with the most hits for each year‘ was a little too pretentious then this one brings Tokyo Fox back down to earth with a bump and a bruised ego as these are the posts that didn’t quite measure up.

2006 A Surprise Visitor Leads To A Day of Maid Cafes, Harajuku Cosplay, Shibuya Dining & Late Night Ramen! (27 hits)

Of course very few posts from 2006 did too well as the site was only just getting up and running and trying to find its feet. Just getting into double figures for hits took a while and I’m sure the worst post probably got zero hits in this year but the stats list doesn’t sink that low! This was a great day and I don’t need a load of hits to confirm that! Honest!

2007 African Festival Yokohama (37 hits)

This is a strange one as ten years ago it was a mildly successful post. What went wrong?! It’s probably more to do with the change from the child-like MSN Spaces to WordPress which meant all those many hits just got lost in the switch. Yeah that’s it! Not at all because there’s no substance to the story!

2008 Hakuba Revisited For A Weekend Of Snowboarding (26 hits)

I thought this was actually an improvement on previous snowboarding posts which had been pretty dull! Taking photos on the slopes is very troublesome and they’re not particularly interesting either.

2009 I’m Now A Qualified Teacher! (70 hits)

Friends and family have complained to me that this blog is not personal enough at times. It’s fair to say though that such posts rarely ever rate well! Why would they?! Most of the readers are American-based people with a strong affection for all things Japan-related.

2010 Hugo In Tokyo Pt II – Hiking (23 hits)

Mount Fuji was barely visible in the photos in this post and the number of hits are hardly noticeable too! I still had no idea back then about giving posts a more clickbait-like title! Still, it’s a nice reminder for me of my friends trip to Japan.

2011 Review: Films Set In Japan – ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III’ (1993) (40 hits)

One of the earliest “reviews” I did for this series which is one of the longest running ones on the site. There’s not much love or care for this awful film!

2012 Dining Out: Around The World…In Tokyo! Pt II (52 hits)

Admittedly, this was something of an end-of-year filler post collating a selection of the international restaurants I’d been to that year in and around the capital. Sometimes a lazy post with minimal effort can become surprisingly popular but not on this occasion as it deservedly got a low number of hits.

2013 Tokyo Daytripper: From Russia With Love (142 hits)

A Russian Cathedral in Tokyo is pretty unique and impressive. And it is. It just wasn’t of interest to Tokyo Fox‘s loyal legion of fans.

2014 Hiroshima 2014: Hiking In Sandankyo (118 hits)

A bit of a surprise to see this one at the foot of the 2014 statistics page as the thumbnail photo itself did actually get a lot of likes when I posted it on my Facebook page! Proof that it’s not just about the thumbnail!

2015 The Japanese Way Of Sending Someone Off To That Place In The Sky (229 hits)

I pride myself on coming up with fairly original content. Of course the kind of original content I come up with can really be hit or miss. This was definitely the latter but I really did believe that this may be something of interest as I had never seen anything like it covered elsewhere online in English.

2016 Hiroshima-ken 2015/16 Pt III: Gensobo-ji Temple (266 hits)

Getting to this unique temple was very troublesome for my father-in-law but it was all well worth it. Sadly the write-up of it didn’t attract too much attention which is no doubt down to it not having a more clickbait-y headline!

2017 A Night In Nagato And A Trip To Hagi (223 hits)

Though I enjoyed my time in Hagi and it was a nice, pleasant area I have to admit that I wasn’t taken aback by the attractions in this Yamaguchi Prefecture city. Neither were the readers of Tokyo Fox it seems!

2018 Tokyo Daytripper: A Tall Kannon Statue & A Very Expensive Golden God Temple (424 hits)

The biggest of the least successful blog posts in this compilation. I absolutely love going off the beaten track to see places like this but it seems that not too many others share that interest. Oh well! That will not stop me from continuing to seek other such b-grade sights!

2019 An Old Style Public Onsen All To Ourselves (366 hits)

What’s more embarrassing is that this was published fairly early in 2019 and so had much longer to accumulate hits as the year progressed. The sight of me sat naked in the baths in some staged-photos kept people away! Hmmm, maybe not such a bad thing that this was unpopular!

2020 Tokyo Daytripper: The Twin (Water) Towers Of Sakura City (260 hits)

2020 was a really challenging year, and there was something of a slump in hits on this site. As ever there’s often a discrepancy between what I think is interesting and what the readers are interested in as proved by this flop!

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