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This Sex Museum North Of Tokyo Is Even Open To Elementary Children!

  At the end of my last post on Gunma in October last year I said there were some other places I wanted to see just north of Takasaki. Naturally, they were all b-grade sights and I went to check … Continue reading

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15 Years Of Tokyo Fox: The Posts With The “Least” Hits For Each Year

Fifteen years! How the hell did that happen!! There’s not much more to say than what I wrote in my ‘10 Years of Tokyo Fox‘ post five years ago about how it all began and the journey so far. Instead … Continue reading

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The Japanese Way Of Sending Someone Off To That Place In The Sky

Earlier in the year, I got to experience something very Japanese that not so many of the foreigners I know have got to encounter. No, I’m not talking about mud festivals, sumo wrestlers making babies cry or even playing Pantsu Getta but I’m … Continue reading

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