15 Years Of Tokyo Fox: The Posts With The “Most” Hits For Each Year

Fifteen years! How the hell did that happen!! There’s not much more to say than what I wrote in my ‘10 Years of Tokyo Fox‘ post five years ago about how it all began and the journey so far. Instead of regurgitating all that again lets just take a look at the biggest hit for each year from 2006 till 2020.

If you feel this post is too pretentious then don’t worry as ‘the posts with the “least” hits for each year’ is coming very soon! It should be noted that these are NOT the 15 posts with the most hits but the biggest hit from each of the 15 individual years which Tokyo Fox has been around so, for example, the 10th most successful post of 2016 may have done better than the top one from 2007 or whenever.

* From over 1600 posts, these statistics date back to 2010 after the switch from the amateur MSN spaces blog of old to WordPress. Anything from before then is completely unknown! Data is correct as of 5th January 2021.

2006 Tokyo Daytripper: Life’s A Beach In Onjuku (50,470 hits)

This beautiful 2km long white sand beach on the Boso Peninsula in south-east Chiba is quite possibly one of Japan’s finest. It also has a couple of camel statues carrying a Prince and Princess which relates to a children’s song inspired by this place.

2007 The Simpsons In Japan: A Lesson On Stereotypes (32,335 hits)

Looking back now, this actually doesn’t seem like the greatest of lesson plans! I’d certainly do it a little bit differently if I had to do it again.

2008 Turning Japanese – Songs About Japan (29,694 hits)

For many decades now, international artists have often felt the need to put pen to paper and write some lyrics about their Japanese experience, particularly visiting Tokyo. Most of the songs are far from being their greatest work but for Japanophiles they can offer an interesting insight into a culture which used to be a mystery to many people in the western world.

2009 Tunisia Filming Locations: Star Wars Traveller – Tatooine (a.k.a. The Ksours) (62,367 hits)

Filming locations have long been the bread and butter of this site, and the series of posts from my time in Tunisia were the ones that brought about a bit of attention within the Star Wars fan community. Ironically, the most successful one seen here is my least favourite of them as I didn’t quite get the right shots at one of the places.

2010 Star Wars Shop In Tokyo (92,256 hits)

A few mentions on some Star Wars podcasts really helped push this one to the fan community but it’s still relatively unknown to the casual fans. It sure needs a bit of a clean but it is one of the great hidden shops in Tokyo!

2011 Kyoto Filming Locations: Memoirs Of A Geisha (2005) (210,531 hits)

The most viewed blog post of all time from the most successful year in Tokyo Fox‘s history. Other successful filming locations posts from this year have sadly been usurped by other bloggers and YouTubers but not this one which continues, despite being a bit dated, to rake in the hits.

2012 ‘Star Wars Episode II: ‘Attack of the Clones’ Filming Locations (130,029 hits)

Another Star Wars post and this was a compilation of all the Italy, Spain and Tunisia locales from the middle one of the prequel trilogy.

2013 Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown – Japan (Tokyo) (128,374 hits)

The late Anthony Bourdain came to Japan for TV shows a fair few times and I reviewed most of them fairly soon after airing. This one was by far the most highly-rated one and still continues to rate moderately well each week. As is the way of the world, there were a lot of hits on this following his death in 2018.

2014 TF Top 10……Music Videos Filmed In Japan (180,277 hits)

It took me a few years to get round to compiling this list and thankfully the reaction made it worth it. However, a steady stream of other recommendations have followed from readers meaning that the actual top ten could do with an update!

2015 New Hachikō Statue In Tokyo (26,160 hits)

The fact that this received more hits than any other from 2015 really is quite surprising for me as there was already other stuff on the net about it and I took the pictures with the wrong setting on my camera! I hate this post and would love to be able to go back in time and redo it!

2016 Joanna Lumley’s Japan (3 Episodes) (42,918 hits)

Reviews about TV shows on Japan often rate well and this one did reasonably ok in 2016 but it was actually a repeat viewing of this series in 2019 which helped boost it even more. This one chronicles the Ab-Fab star as she travelled the length of Japan covering all of the four main islands as well as Okinawa.

2017 The Wolverine Filming Locations (45,371 hits)

Having been to all the Wolverine locales on separate trips over the years, this was basically a fairly lazy compilation post designed to ride on the back of the promotion for ‘Logan‘ (2017) and I guess it worked given it’s mild success on this site!

2018 On The Fox Trail……At A Tokyo Hedgehog Cafe! (31,969 hits)

What does the fox say? No, not ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding like in the song but how did a post about a hedgehog cafe become the biggest hit of 2018! Such animal cafes have been covered elsewhere in great details but maybe not from this rather bizarre angle.

2019 Dining Out: A Long, Long Row Of 30+ Retro Vending Machines In The Middle Of Nowhere (21,692 hits)

Who needs to dine out at fine establishments when the most basic of eating experiences can achieve a substantial amount of clicks!! You’ve probably seen this place on many a YouTube channel.

2020 Tokyo Daytripper: The Lost World Ruins Of A Stone Quarry In Gunma (14,309 hits)

This was something of an unknown quantity in the English media when I went there, but it’s fair to say that it really took off on the back of being featured in a YouTube travel series on the excellent ‘Abroad in Japan‘ channel.

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  3. Great numbers! And great stories… keep going 🙂

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