TF Top 10……Private Parts Places In Japan!


This may come across as a quite perverted tour of Japan but it should be noted that many of the places cobbled together in the list below are around for serious reasons like fertility and AIDS prevention. That is of course the only reason I’ve visited such places and not at all because I have the humour of a young teenage boy!! Here, in no particular order, are ten places (plus a bonus!) where you can get your fix of private parts……without having to enter an adult shop or go on PornHub!

1. Enkyoji, Futtsu (Chiba Prefecture) – Details about this temple are rather sketchy but what I can work out is that a husband and wife died and a full naked statue of the middle-aged woman stands aloft behind two sizeable rock carvings of the male and female anatomy. More details here

2. Yaegaki-jinja Shrine, Matsue (Shimane Prefecture) – There are todgers galore at this major shrine in Shimane prefecture which is actually a sacred power spot dedicated to the gods of marriage, and is therefore visited by many people, particularly women. More details here

3. Kawasaki Kannon, Shunan-shi (Yamaguchi Prefecture) – The female body form is one that understandably attracts great attention and many are prepared to go to great lengths to just see a pair of boobies! This temple has more boobies than one of those top shelf magazines! More details here

4. Kanamara Matsuri, Kawasaki-daishi (Kanagawa Prefecture) – The ultimate Japanese festival has a procession of omikoshi (portable shrines), live music, transvestites, penis and vagina lollies, snack foods and alcohol!! More details here

5. Takakura Kannon, Kisarazu-shi (Chiba Prefecture) – The “Go To Paradise & Hell World Tour” museum is a fairly shabby-looking place that’s packed full of stuff including stones and statues of sexual objects which are named as “unusual gems” here! It is located beneath the stilts of a temple. More details here

6. Hihokan Adult Museum, Atami (Shizuoka Prefecture) – Very close to Atami Castle is this sex museum. Exhibits including a replica of a Whales sexual organs, traditional Japanese sex-art drawings, interactive displays including a Marilyn Monroe mannequin with a crank attached which you turn to create wind for her skirt to blow up, window boxes displaying some funny figurines involved in sex fetishes, amusing holograms, videos, a penis ride, and a souvenir shop selling a load of phallic shaped food and crafts. More details here

7. Owashi Shrine, Sakae-machi (Chiba Prefecture) – The main hall is packed full of wooden phallic-shaped ornament pieces amidst some much larger tallywhackers! The black member enshrined here is the biggest in Japan measuring up at 2.5 metres long and 2.3 metres in circumference and no I didn’t find this out by whipping out my own tape measure! More details here

8. Boob bread, Ogikubo (Tokyo) – Kuppel is a bakery in Ogikubo which sells (used to sell??) these strawberry milk breast bread rolls! At just ¥130-150 a pair it sure is a cheap way to get hold of some nice boobies! More details here

9. Mara-kannon Temple, Nagato (Yamaguchi Prefecture) – A small wooden main temple in the middle of nowhere for people wanting to be blessed with children! More details here

10. Myotoku-ji Temple, Izu-shi (Shizuoka Prefecture) – The path down the side of the temples main hall leads to the toilets but just before them is a small room dedicated to the deity of the toilet offering relief for health problems relating to the digestive tract and reproductive organs. Or just a load of phallic shaped wooden and stone carvings if you prefer!! More details here

Bonus: Maboroshi Museum, Izu (Shizuoka Prefecture) – Not a sex museum as such but there’s plenty of explicit material on display at this weird and wonderful collection of retro-style memorabilia. More details here

For the record, I am actually aware of about another dozen phallic shrines and temples in other parts of Japan. I’m certainly not going to go far out of my way to visit them but hopefully I’ll be nearby one day and can see them. Look out for the sequel in about 2040!!

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