What Does This Japanese House Remind You Of?

Many people are no doubt surprised that I make a fair bit of effort to visit private parts places in an era where one can see so much naked imagery so freely online but it’s not quite the same is it! These are unique sights which I can’t imagine too many other countries having in such plentiful supply.

Of course the majority of them are temples or shrines with far more meaningful themes than what my childish eyes see! It should be noted that this building is perhaps aptly located very close to a Junior High School where the students probably have the same mental age as me!!

This boobie building was designed by architect Toyokazu Watanabe in 1980. He is known for designing the Akita Prefectural Gymnasium (pictures of that are at the foot of this post) but there was a time when he was mainly active in building private homes, and this particular one in Osaka was designed with the imagination of the owners paintings in mind.

This funny-looking building suddenly appears in a residential area about 15 minutes on foot from the eastern side of Korien Station on the Keihan Main Line in eastern Osaka. The lengths guys will go to to see some breasts eh!

It is the private home of a contemporary artist, and the two big nipples look like they are actually windows (I didn’t look so closely when I was there) but I have to admit that I don’t know what the wheel thing behind the house is supposed to represent if indeed it has any meaning at all!

  • Oppai House is located at 20-26 Korien Higashinocho, Hirakata, Osaka.

Bonus: The four pictures below are of the aforementioned Akita Prefectural Gymnasium (1-12 Yabaseundokoen, Akita-ken) which was also designed by Watanabe-San. My time in Akita a few years ago was really just a transit but I did take a quick bus trip to see this architectural wonder.


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