TF Top 20……Tokyo Fox Hits Of 2022


So 2023 has only just begun and already Tokyo Fox is looking back!! For just over a decade now there have been exactly ten new posts on here each and every month and these are the twenty from 2022 which got the most hits…excluding sponsored or TF Top 10 list posts! Of course those entries from earlier in the year had more time to accumulate hits so don’t read too much into it all as it’s basically just another filler post to kick start the new year!

20. What Does This Japanese House Remind You Of?. More details here

19. The Complete List Of Live Leicester City Matches On ITV In The Early 1990s. More details here

18. Going Underground To Explore One Of Japan’s Most Dystopian Stations. More details here

17. The Return Of This Traditional Lantern Festival Lights Up The Summer In Tokyo. More details here

16. Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Series Costumes On Display At Tokyo’s Hottest Toy Shop. More details here

15. Tokyo Daytripper: The “Other” Big Buddha In Kanagawa Prefecture. More details here

14. Interesting Japanese Playground Structures #37 – Demon Head Slide. More details here

13. Tokyo Filming Locations #21 – Around The World In 80 Days (1956). More details here

12. Alphabet Dating In Japan With My Wife Who Was Completely Unaware Of The Task At Hand! (S01E01: A-E). More details here

11. Tokyo Modern Architecture #9. More details here

10. The Abandoned Hotel On The Izu Coast Which Is Still “Open” To The Public!! – Posts about the likes of capsule hotels, sleeper trains and abandoned ruins in Japan always seems to attract the interest of people overseas. This was a place I came across by pure accident which is always a nice bonus. More details here


9. Hikone Filming Locations: 3 Ninjas Kick Back (1994) – The first filming locations post to appear in the top ten but not the last! This was something of a surprise though given how niche this particular film is, and the location is not in one of the big Japanese cities either. More details here 


8. London Filming Locations: Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (2015) – Finally releasing this post (it was drafted over two years ago!) shortly after the trailer for the new ‘Mission Impossible‘ film dropped proved to be a good move. More details here


7. This Surely Has To Be Japan’s Cheapest Drinks Vending Machine! – A shock  inclusion as these machines had previously featured on various blogs and YouTube channels so I wasn’t expecting too much from it. More details here


6. There’s Not Just One But Two Sex Museums In This Area Of Gunma – Sex sells I guess and one can presumably guess that the thousands of people clicking on this post are all perverts! Ha! More details here


5. Osaka Filming Locations: G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes (2021) – Movie locales have long been the bread and butter of the Tokyo Fox blog and it is always nice to be able to cover recent film releases. This particular visit didn’t quite go as planned but I will return one day to get the interior shots. More details here


4. This Sex Museum North Of Tokyo Is Even Open To Elementary Children! – One of the two sex museums in this area of Gunma. One really does become very desensitised by such places when you’ve been to a few. More details here


3. Dining Out: The Tokyo Cafe That’s Located Right Between Two Train Tracks – Usually the only way one can watch trains whizz past whilst eating some food is to just sit on a platform bench eating a snack. However, this cafe has taken this simple idea and made it a reality. Train-related places do seem to get a fair bit of attention online and that was certainly the case with this one. More details here


2. Kyoto Filming Locations – Lost In Translation (2003) – For many years, my original filming locations post for this movie provided a few thousand hits on a daily basis. That has long dried up as others have uploaded far better and more detailed versions so it was good to be back in the game and get some attention again. More details here


1. Farewell Neighbours! Looking Back On My 5 Trips To Ramsay Street In 5 Different Years! – After 37 years the iconic Australian soap ended on a real high as some legendary characters reappeared for a final farewell. The finale was on Ramsay Street which is a place I hold dear to my heart. I can’t for the life of me work out why this post got the most hits in 2022 as I don’t follow the stats during the year. It didn’t seem to get much attention on social media so I can only guess it was maybe briefly featured in some media outlet in Australia. A few months later and it was announced that it was coming back! More details here


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