TF Top 20……Tokyo Fox Hits Of 2018

So 2019 has only just begun and already Tokyo Fox is looking back!! For about nine years now there have been exactly ten new posts on here each and every month and these are the twenty from 2018 which got the most hits…excluding sponsored or TF Top 10 list posts! Of course those entries from earlier in the year had more time to accumulate hits so don’t read too much into it all as it’s basically just another filler post to kick start the new year!

1. On The Fox Trail……At The Oji Fox Parade – When I first checked 2018’s stats a few weeks ago this post was down in third position but on the day of the more recent Fox Pageant there were a few thousand hits on this article which propelled it towards the top spot. More details here


2. On The Fox Trail……At Tokyo’s Most Hidden Shrine – I don’t know who is googling words like “Tokyo hidden shrine” but there must be a sizeable number of people doing that for this post to be so high.  More details here


3. On The Fox Trail……At A Tokyo Hedgehog Cafe! – Another fox-related post to complete the three podium positions but what does the fox say? No, not ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding like in the song but it’s great, if not a bit unbelievable, that these fox posts have gone down so well when I thought they were a bit niche! Such animal cafes have been covered elsewhere in great details but maybe not from this rather bizarre angle. More details here


4. On The Trail Of Shin Godzilla #1 – Shinagawa – Not the fox trail here but the Shin Gojira trail in what was the first of seven posts about Godzilla this year. Shinagawa is the spiritual home of the gigantic amphibious bipedal lizard and there were a few scenes shot in this ward which lies on Tokyo Bay. Shinagawa Shrine appears in the on-screen caption but not all was it seemed where that was concerned! More details here


5. Kyoto Filming Locations – The Yakuza (1974) – Movie locations have traditionally been the bread and butter of this site but sadly they have dried up. Kyoto provided the backdrop for a couple of new movie locations posts including this Sidney Pollack directed film. A fair chunk of it was filmed at the Kyoto International Conference Center which I had pretty much all to myself. More details here


6. The Alternative Tour Of Kyoto – Forget the overly popular tourist parts of this ancient city, the places in this post represent the future as more and more people try to take a bit of respite from the crowds. Of course there’s always the danger that they too become overly popular! More details here


7. Crash ‘N Burn – My Wheels Of Misfortune – The more personal blog posts rarely get as many hits as the quirky travel-related ones. All I had to do was have a narrow escape with death to reap the rewards of such a self indulgent post. It’s been many, many years since I didn’t include a single picture in a post! More details here

8. TF Guide To Toy Hunting In Tokyo – This was one post I really didn’t expect to see so high up the list. There are a lot of people out there though who seek things that they can’t get in their own countries or Japanese packaging or whatever. Never under estimate he power of the geeks! More details here


9. Hidden Gems Near Bentencho Station (Osaka) – People are always looking for new and alternative things to do in the big cities such as with the Kyoto post at #6. I don’t think the places mentioned in this post will rival the city’s more famous places anytime soon but I’m happy that these places were fairly well received. More details here


10. A Cycle Ride To Dinosaur Bridge (a.k.a. Tokyo Gate Bridge) – When it comes to bridges in Tokyo Bay, this one really lives in the shadows of Rainbow Bridge. There are many other keen cyclists living here and such posts often do quite well ratings-wise! I just wish I could think of more unique cycling-based tours of Tokyo! More details here


11. On The Trail Of Shin Godzilla #3 – New Statue In Tokyo (+ Gojira Curry)!! More details here

12. Tokyo Daytripper: Japan’s Largest Taoist Temple Is In Saitama! More details here

13. On The Fox Trail……At Keihin Fushimi Inari Shrine (Kanagawa) More details here

14. On The Road With The Kashiwa Reysol Fans Twice In Five Days More details here

15. Deep Historical Walking Tour Of Tokyo With Students More details here

16. Miho No Matsubara – One Of The Best Views Of Mount Fuji More details here

17. Tokyo Daytripper: Ome More details here

18. Water Fasting For 75 Hours! (No Food, Only Water) More details here

19. Black Ice Cream, Modern Architecture, Neon Lights & The Red Light District! More details here

20. The Shrine Of Cartoon Characters More details here

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