TF Top 20……Tokyo Fox Hits Of 2016

So 2017 has only just begun and already Tokyo Fox is looking back!! For about seven years now there have been exactly ten new posts on here each and every month and these are the twenty from 2016 which got the most hits. I have excluded all TF Top 10…….list entries from this feature so the TF Top 10……Tokyo Fox Posts Of All Time marking a decade of this website does not feature. Of course those entries from earlier in the year had more time to accumulate hits which may explain why so much of the top 20 is from the first half of 2016 as Leicester City were on the verge of achieving a miraculous Premier League title win. That may explain the inclusion of many foxes-related posts in this list. A couple of posts from the latter half have sneaked in though…

1. On The Trail Of John Rain (雨) Part X – Paris – With the help of the author himself these posts often do well in the wake of him tweeting the link to his thousands and thousands of followers on that particular social media platform. More details here

extremis-225  killer-ascendant-225  paris-is-a-bitch-225

2. Leicester City Supporters Night In Tokyo Bar – What a time to have our first meet-up event! A surprisingly large turn-out of people witnessed an amazing 3-1 win at title favourites Manchester City really showed the world that we were genuine contenders. More details here

IMG_4507  IMG_4494

3. Leicester City/Okazaki Fans Get-Together – The title push was gathering momentum by the time of this meet-up and, with the help of the BBC, this post was shared a fair few  times on Twitter. More details here

IMG_5338  IMG_5330

4. Okayama 2016 Pt I: Staying In A Capsule Hotel – How this got so many views I really don’t know as there’s plenty of information on the internet about these typically Japanese sleeping headquarters! More details here

IMG_7451  IMG_7455

5. Get Your Kits Out For The Lads – My Leicester City Replica Shirt Collection – 2016 really was the year of the fox and public were lapping up anything connected to Leicester City and this post managed to jump on that bandwagon in some small way. More details here

IMG_6730  IMG_6745

6. Joanna Lumley’s Japan (3 Episodes) – Reviews about TV shows on Japan often rate well and this is the most recent post chronicling the Ab-Fab star as she travelled the length of Japan covering all of the four main islands as well as Okinawa. More details here

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-23-35-16  screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-23-35-59

7. Attending Two J-League Matches In One Day Pt II – The first part of this double bill seemed to sink without trace but for some reason the visit to the Shonan BMW did much better business on the ratings front. More details here

IMG_6232  IMG_6236

8. On The Fox Trail……At Zao Fox Village (Miyagi) –  The spiritual home of Tokyo Fox was a dream come true for me and a place like no other in that you can see, feed, and even pet the adorably cute foxes. More details here

IMG_4912  IMG_4921

9. A Little Known Shinjuku Eye-Con – Quite possibly the biggest surprise of this list. It featured in a music video which brought it to my attention. Before then I had, like millions of other commuters each day, always walked past it without even noticing it. More details here

IMG_5146  IMG_5147

10. Cosplaying At Tokyo ComicCon 2015 – One of the first posts back in January last year and as it turns out it wasn’t technically a ComiCon as the inaugural one happened this year. In the build up to the 2016 event this post got hits aplenty! More details here

IMG_3553  IMG_3504

11. SHINJIrarenai! (Unbelievable!!) More details here

12. Omishima – The Wolverine Filming Locations More details here

13. Sendai Daikannon (Daikanmitsuji Temple) More details here

14. Leicester City References In English Lessons More details here

15. Hiroshima-ken 2015-16 Pt III: Kamichu! Filming Locations More details here

16. On The Fox Trail……At Fushimi Inari Shrine (Kyoto) More details here

17. Dining Out: Minayoshi (Osaka) More details here

18. 24 Hours In Sendai More details here

19. Hiroshima-ken 2015-16 Pt II: Ini No Tanada More details here

20. Okinawa 2016 Pt III: J3 Football At FC Ryukyu More details here

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