TF Top 20……Tokyo Fox Hits Of 2019


So 2020 has only just begun and already Tokyo Fox is looking back!! For about a decade now there have been exactly ten new posts on here each and every month and these are the twenty from 2019 which got the most hits…excluding sponsored or TF Top 10 list posts! Of course those entries from earlier in the year had more time to accumulate hits so don’t read too much into it all as it’s basically just another filler post to kick start the new year!

20. Nagoya – This City Is Fast Becoming My Favourite One In Japan! More details here

19. Around The World In An Hour Or Two At This Quirky Park In Hyōgo Prefecture More details here

18. Australia 2019 Pt IX: The “Tokyo” Temple In The Wolverine Movie More details here

17. Paying The (Much Higher) Price For Taking The Bus From Hiroshima To Matsue!! More details here

16. Interesting Japanese Playground Structures #19 More details here

15. On The Fox Trail……At Jozan Inari Jinja Shrine (Matsue) More details here

14. Taking Japan’s Most Terrifying Bridge En-Route To Supernatural Monster City More details here

13. Australia 2019 Pt III: The Church Where Scott & Charlene Got Married In Neighbours! More details here

12. Doing The Star Wars Tokyo Metro Stamp Rally In One Day……By Bicycle! More details here

11. Hidden Treasures Along The Keio Line #6 – Inter-University Seminar House More details here

10. Dining Out: Lemon Ramen (& Pineapple Ramen Too!) – It may have originated in China but Japan has certainly made ramen it’s own dish. There are many tastes, regional variations and crazy novelty ones (cheese, coffee, ice-cream, tequila, kiwi, ham, pizza, sake etc.) True ramen masters would most definitely turn their nose up at the latter but there are many out there who love to see them. More details here


9. Interesting Japanese Playground Structures #16 – This one stayed in my draft file for well over a year as it often got delayed in favour of other “better” playground structures (in my opinion!). Little did I know that it would become one of the most popular ones. It was definitely a surprise for me to see this in the top ten. More details here


8. From Tokyo To Hiroshima By Local Trains For Just ¥2370 (£17/$21) – Such journeys (with clickbait titles!) do seem to grab the attention of many people and my tales of time on the train struck a chord with many. A unique experience in many ways and one that I am always happy to tell people about! More details here


7. Going Underground: Touring Tokyo’s Abandoned Stations  – The inclusion of this in the top ten surprised me. Firstly, I’d forgotten about this post as it was so long ago and also because one of the stations had been open to the public (and subsequently blogged about) for weeks before I finally went to check it out. Maybe the pluralisation of the word station helped promote it a bit more! More details here


6. The Star Wars Identities Interactive Exhibition Has Arrived In Tokyo – It always helps when you get in first on these things and I was there on day one of this exhibition which still remains open at the time of writing. More details here


5. The Highs & Lows Of Watching England’s First Match At The Rugby World Cup In Sapporo – The World Cup was a huge event in Japan and people were lapping up stories from the initial stages and particularly England’s first game on their way to the final. More details here


4. Great Scott! Back To The Future Legends Appear At Hollycon Tokyo #18 – For many at this event it was all about ‘The Walking Dead‘ but my account of the day was very much targeting the BTTF fans who stood up and took note! More details here


3. Dining Out: A Long, Long Row Of 30+ Retro Vending Machines In The Middle Of Nowhere – Who needs to dine out at fine establishments when the most basic of eating experiences can rake in the hits!! More details here


2. 16 Hours On Local Trains To Hiroshima Just To Eat Pizza From A Vending Machine! – Reward for my efforts and even though it has long since disappeared it still continues to get frequent hits. More details here


1. Interesting Japanese Playground Structures #20 – By far the most popular post on the Tokyo Fox Facebook page in 2019. By chance I saw this on Japanese TV and went to check it out the following day to basically get in there before others could follow suit. More details here


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