On The C*cks Trail……At Yaegaki-jinja Shrine!

It wasn’t just the fox trail that I was on in Matsue!

Tracking down such temples and shrines has inadvertently became something of a passion for me. Naturally it started as a way of amusing my childish brain but I keep ending up at such places and have now been to a sizeable amount of them around the whole country. Yaegaki-jinja Shrine in Matsue was one of the easiest to get to thanks to a direct bus (#63) from Matsue-jo Castle that took about half an hour. The bus stop is right next to the shrine and, as is usually the case, it just looked like any other shrine from the outside. This one though was a busy place as it was only a few days into 2019 when I went there so many locals were in attendance for hatsumode a.k.a. the customary first prayer of the year.


Just to the left of the hall for worship was what I’d come to see! An upright manhood is in front of the shrine which itself has a dong underneath it and next to that is a kind of basket containing a few long wooden todgers. This place is actually a sacred power spot dedicated to the gods of marriage which many people, particularly women, visit. It is enshrined with the message saying not to give up.


That wasn’t all though as on the other side of the main hall was a tree trunk with a hole in it that supposedly resembles the woman’s anatomy. There is naturally a tallywhacker inside it!


There is also a building to the right of that tree which was ignored by everyone else at the shrine. Their loss and my gain as that building houses a wooden love pole mikoshi; the portable Shinto shrine used to transport a deity during a festival.


There were a few food stalls on site but after seeing so many d*cks my mind had become corrupted and the ika (squid) picture on one of the food stalls reminded me of the male organ!

One of the best features of this complex was not all the phallic statues but the Kagami-no-ike (mirror pond) lying a short walk beyond the main shrine. I’m not sure of the full details but it seems like you buy a fortune paper for ¥100 and balance a coin on it and see how long it floats before sinking. The length of time the paper takes to sink is said to signify how soon you will meet your soul mate.


Yaegaki-jinja shrine is at 227 Sakusacho, Matsue and, unlike those other willy shrines I’ve visited in Japan, this is actually one of the major shrines in Shimane prefecture.

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