10 Years Of Tokyo Fox

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It’s hard to believe that the Tokyo Fox blog has been up and running for a decade now. It began in February 2006 as a fun pun-based place to keep an online journal to let friends and family back home know what things were like for me living and working in Japan.

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Forgive the pretentiousness of this post but to have kept this site going for a decade is no mean feat given that so many others have come and gone in that time. Furthermore, this blogging business all started in an era before social media had become the beast that it is today. Though it moved away from your typical online diary the person that it’s most aimed at is actually myself and if anyone else cares to read it then that’s just a bonus. To my knowledge, it has never really caught on with too many of my actual friends but as it developed over time it really found its niche with the filming locations which have been a staple of the site. Proof of that was revealed in my previous post which showed (not too surprisingly) that the movie-based blogs have gained the most hits over the years.

To be fair, I was as surprised as anyone that Tokyo Fox made it past a few entries (read the first ever post here, its pretty awful!) and what followed for the first few months were observations of how customs and life are so different here. Of course I was fairly new to it all back then and was still finding my feet in this huge metropolis which has since become the place I call home.

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It’s so hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about Japan that is so endearing but one of the things that helps is the endless supply of events, promotions, seasonal goods and places to visit. It really is a city where you can go for a wander in almost any area and find something of interest whether it be Japanglish signs, tiny shrines or temples in the strangest of places or some local delicacy.

Only last week did I post about keeping a written journal in Australia in 2001-02 and,  like that time period, the need to write something has been a good motivator for getting me out of the house and travelling in and around Tokyo. Keeping Tokyo Fox going for a decade really has been a labour of love and is basically a hobby which has reaped other such benefits though like freebies, invites, offers of work, interviews and of course it’s been very nice to interact with those people who have been kind enough to post some lovely and wonderful comments over the years. Naturally, there have been a fair few negative and abusive ones too but that’s all par for the course I guess.

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The switch from the amateur MSN spaces blog of old to WordPress in 2010 went pretty much hand-in-hand with the streamlining of the site to produce exactly ten articles each and every month and to have regular features such as the reviews of films set in Japan, the Star Wars traveller series, dining out, themed cycling rides, Tokyo day-tripper and other such travel pieces. You really can never tell what will be popular though as some of my favourite articles barely had any impact whereas throwaway filler articles have ended up being incredibly popular. Therein lies the beauty of blogging as it’s always nice to know that someone out there is doing a google search for something that is most probably contained within Tokyo Fox.

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4 Responses to 10 Years Of Tokyo Fox

  1. Ethan says:

    Congrats on 10 years! Keep it going for another 10 and I’ll give you a prize! Enjoy reading your posts, even if most of them are filled with fluff and filler!

    When will we be able to read about 2003-2005? Those are the only years I don’t know about your life now.

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