TF Top 10……Tokyo Fox Posts Of All Time!

Tokyo Fox is ten years old this month and here are the posts which have had the most number of hits during the last decade.

1. Tokyo Filming Locations #2 – Lost In Translation (2003): 29 November 2011

30Oct2009 040  IMG_4886

This one just goes from strength to strength and is undoubtedly the most famous movie to have been made in Japan with some pretty famous filming locations in Shinjuku-ku and Shibuya-ku. More details here

2. TF Top 10……Music Videos Filmed In Japan: 10 June 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 16.06.20  Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 22.16.57 

No post gets more comments than this one and I am indebted to those people for introducing me to many more videos shot in Japan. More details here

3. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown – Japan (Tokyo): 7 November 2013

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 23.46.17  Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 23.57.38

Bourdain’s most recent trip to Tokyo obviously caught the imagination of many who wanted to know where exactly he had visited in the Japanese capital. More details here

4. Kansai Trip 2011 Pt II: Memoirs Of A Geisha Filming Locations: 19 May 2011

kansai GW 2011 036  kansai GW 2011 404

Fushimi-Inari shrine is a pretty big deal these days among the foreign community who voted it the best attraction in Japan in some poll a couple of years ago. This film really helped bring it to a wider audience and many people want to seek out the bright torii gates which Chiyo runs through. More details here

5. ‘Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones’ Filming Locations: 4 May 2012

Dec '09 - Jan '10 282  Tunisia Aug '09 230

The first of three Star Wars related posts in this list, this compilation is the definitive episode 2 collection of location match-ups from the likes of Caserta (Italy), Seville (Spain), Como (Italy) and Matmata (Tunisia). More details here

6. TF Review: The Amazing Spider-Man (2012): 23 June 2012

the_amazing_spider_man_2012-wide  Amazing Spider Man

Japan is so often last to get films released but every now and again it gets a worldwide exclusive and this was it. A friend got tickets, the review went up and accounted for the most ever hits in any single day on here. More details here

7. Euro Trip 2010 Pt VI: Star Wars Traveller – Naboo (a.k.a. Villa del Balbianello): 5 September 2010

Euro-Trip 2010 407  Euro-Trip 2010 236

The Star Wars traveller series of location blogs have always been very good to this site in terms of a constant high volume of hits but it is perhaps surprising that it’s the locations from the second prequel film which is the most popular. Not so different from the #5 entry but this was solely focused on the locations at the beautiful villa in Como. More details here

8. Star Wars Shop In Tokyo: 11 August 2010

Star Wars Shop In Tokyo!  IMG_6992

As an increasing number of foreigners descend on Tokyo for holidays the search for more genre specific stuff is occurring and a shop solely devoted to Star Wars merchandise is one that has intrigued many. More details here

9. Shanghai 2013 Pt III: Mission Impossible III Filming Locations: 27 March 2013

P1010301  P1010307

There was very little on the internet about the locations for this third movie which was directed by JJ Abrams. The huge number of hits is reward for my efforts in getting to this picturesque river town, finding the area where filming took place and then getting away from it to get back to Shanghai. More details here

10. Berlin Pt III: The Bourne Supremacy Filming Locations: 3 February 2011

Dec2010-Jan2011 322  Dec2010-Jan2011 310

The majority of the second Bourne film was shot in Berlin as it portrayed itself as well as Amsterdam, Moscow, Turin and Munich. No site went into as much detail as this one when it came to hunting down the locales. More details here

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  1. Troy Swezey says:

    Cool. Gonna go read the Mission Impossible III post now as I just saw that movie the other night.

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