Dining Out: Around The World…In Tokyo! Pt II

Whilst the first part of this feature included some of the best and fairly average Asian restaurants in Tokyo (see it here if you haven’t already) part II takes a look at the food I’ve eaten mostly from the American continent(s) but also a bit from Europe which I’ve only recently started to sample. I have included the names of the dishes where known.

Below: Cuba (cuban style chicken rice and arroz con frijoles) @Bodeguita, Shimo Kitazawa;

IMG_1089  IMG_1210

Above: Mexico @ Salsa Cabana Bar, Yotsuya; Below: Trinidad & Tobago (Collaloo & stewed chicken) @ Ariapita Food Delight, Shibuya


Below: Argentina @ Costa Latina, Shinsen

IMG_1081  IMG_1080  IMG_1077  IMG_1078

Below: Jamaica (jerk beef) @ JamRock, Harajuku.


Above: Greece (moussaka) @ Olympia, Kannai; Below: Hungary (Hungarian bread and goulash) @ Gerbeaud, Omotesando

IMG_1334  IMG_1336

Below: Russia/Georgia (borscht) @ Sungari, Shinjuku.

IMG_1302  IMG_1307

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