Dining Out: Around The World…In Tokyo! Pt I

This was the title given to a Facebook series of international restaurants in Tokyo metropolis and whilst the likes of Pakistan, Tunisia, Myanmar, Lebanon, Cameroon and Yemen have had their own entries there are many more places which I have visited in the latter part of 2012.

I am far from a restaurant critic but the ‘Dining Out‘ features on this site were basically just designed as an excuse to talk about some other vaguely related activity like news, football, travel, films or television. Here, in two parts, is the best cuisine from the Asian continent (including the Middle-East) featuring the name of the dish where known!

Below: Sri Lanka (chicken curry, spinach & cheese curry, sambol and tarmeric rice) @ Palette, Ebisu.

IMG_1058  IMG_1025

Above: Tibet/Nepal (red cooked chicken) @ Kathmandu Gangri, Meguro; Below: Israel @ Shamaim, Ekoda.

IMG_0965  P1000527

Above: Iran @ Zakuro, Nishi Nippori; Below: Syria @ Palmrya, Ikebukuro,

IMG_1137  IMG_1136

Below: Turkey @ Hisari, Shin Okubo.

IMG_1089  IMG_1054

Above: Thailand @ Chao Thai, Shibuya; Below: Vietnam (Vietnamese spring rolls with rice noodles) @ Miss Saigon, Shibuya;

IMG_0997  IMG_1097

Above: Cambodia @ Angkor Wat, Yoyogi; Below: Malaysia (laksa noodles) @ Malaychan, Ikebukuro.

IMG_1044  IMG_1220

Above: Taiwan @ Din Tai Fung, Ikebukuro.

You can see ‘Dining Out: Around The World…In Tokyo! Pt II here.

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