Sauna Belts – A Good Idea Or A Waist Of Time?

About three years ago I left my camera memory card in the convenience store machine late one night and had to run back out to get it. This being Japan, it was of course still where I left it and it was that need to run to the shop that kick-started what had been a desire to start doing regular exercise.

Amazingly I have kept this up regularly for the past few years albeit a bit more often in Summer. I feel its more beneficial ruinning in the summer heat as I really sweat and can run more frequently. Due to my job I have to go jogging after work and it really is just too cold to go out in the Winter so I only do it once or twice a week then whereas I now do it four or five times a week.

Anyway, last Christmas I bought my sister a sauna belt thingy as a kind of stocking filler joke present but then a couple of months ago I came across them again in a shop and thought why not. Its supposed to help lose weight, sweat away unwanted fat, burn calories, relieve back pain, ease muscle pain and help to eliminate body toxins. Not sure what benefits I have had from it thus far and still not sure if its a good idea to be running with it on as maybe its just for wearing during normal everyday activity. I guess the plus points are all in the mind anyway.

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