A Lot Of Dieting Is Wishful Shrinking!!

The recent World Cup resulted in me consuming more beer than usual as well as irregular eating and sleeping habits. On top of that I haven’t really done any regular exercise since I stopped playing indoor football on the graveyard shift (called this because our games regularly kicked off well after 11pm!) at the start of 2001. Of course I have done lots of walking and hiking (as well as using my parents exercise machine when I was at home) but as I get older (29 next week y’know!) the weight is starting to pile on a bit more easily than ever before.

In response I am now into my second week of running every night around my neighbourhood at about 1am for just 15-20 minutes as well as daily press ups and sit ups plus a few bonus morning runs too. I have also changed my eating habits too and cut out all snacks, fizzy drinks, junk food and late night eating with increased consumption of fruit and water. Vegetables are still, on the whole, a no-go area for me though.

Have to say that I have found it all quite easy so far but thought best to blog this before I fall off the wagon!

About tokyofox

A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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2 Responses to A Lot Of Dieting Is Wishful Shrinking!!

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