Keeping Up Appearances

No this is not about the BBC comedy of the same name but an observation (with a heavy reliance on generalisations and stereotypes of course!) about the millions of kawaii (cute) Japanese girls for whom it seems appearance is everything. Nothing wrong with that of course but one of the downsides is seeing them putting on their make up in public on the trains. Slapplication and vanity are not problems here whereas if we get caught looking in the mirror back home we get embarrassed and ridiculed for being vain.

Japanese girls spend hours on their make up and of course they look good for it. This is obviously welcome news for us men who get to see so many cute slim girls everyday walking (though wobbling slightly and often dragging their heels) the streets in their delicate, strappy high heels, skirts and cute outfits while more often that not playing with their hair (not a tell tale sign that they fancy you though).

Hopefully I don’t sound too old when I say that appearance comes before practicality. This species of J-girl is one that is very different from the more clued up Japanese girls who you see in the UK or the USA or wherever.

They are obsessed with all things cute, particularly Disney and ‘Hello Kitty’, and dress up in ways which would probably be deemed not suitable in other countries. Maybe another sign that Japan is a safe place where these kawaii girls can dress in a way which would see them get harassed, whistled at and no doubt called sluts elsewhere. Having said that though there are a fair amount of gropers around by all accounts. In the UK girls tend to mostly just dress up to go to a pub or club but here they get dressed up to go out anywhere, particularly to do their favourite pastime of shopping and the temperature seems to have no bearing on whether skirts are worn or not.

Picture club stickers, many accessories hanging from their mobile phones and the high pitched whining voices also characterise the hordes of these fine specimens who certainly brighten up my day.

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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