No Sleep Tonight

It is often said to be a good idea to follow the local customs when you’re not in your own country. Something along the lines of ‘when in Rome do as many Romans as you can!’

Sleeping seems to be the favourite past-time of the Japanese but they do very little of it in their own homes due to punishing work schedules. It is so so common for Japanese people to sleep on the trains every day and anywhere. It is also not unusual to regularly see people sleeping in restaurants such as McDonalds, their cars by the side of a road and generally in any shops which provides seats. In fact the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno actually has an area for people to rest in comfortable chairs where they inevitably fall into a sleep. Can’t imagine that ever happening at the more popular and bigger British Museum in London!!

Lately, I have been quite tired at times (thats the effect of not doing much I guess!) and have started having naps during breaks between lessons at my schools but not during the lessons of course! I leave that part to the students!!

Of course, falling asleep on the trains can prove costly if you miss your stop though not finacially. On the whole the Japanese people seem to be trained to instinctively wake up at excatly the moment the train pulls into their station. I usually do too but not when I’m drunk and taking an early morning train home. On a couple of occasions I have missed my stop four times which just becomes so frustrating as by that stage I am desparate for my bed.

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