Tokyo Daytripper: Tokyo Bay Cruise

My English school organised for us to go on a ‘Tokyo Bay Cruise‘ last Sunday night. I went on the huge party boat last year but not with my company and the weather back then was fine as it luckily was this year too. A few thousand people crammed on to the boat with very little space as is customary in Tokyo. The boat travelled from Takeshiba down the Sumida-gawa river to the ocean and back going under Rainbow Bridge along the way which seemed to cause great excitement among the Japanese for some reason.

It was nomihodai (all-you-can-drink) for the two hour duration and the great thing was that you never ever had to queue for beers or whatever as the servers just constantly poured drinks into paper cups which were put on the counter for people to just take willy nilly.

This event was also a night when many girls (and some men too) were clad in their traditional yukata (a kind of summer kimono) with their hair up which is a very sophisticated and classy, yet sexy look which just goes to show that you don’t need to be showing lots of flesh to be appealing.

On top of this there was also a stage and dancefloor inside featuring dancing yukata girls strutting their stuff to the cheesiest of disco tunes. Apart from those cr*ppy songs it was a nice way for me to spend my evening having done cover work during the day. With the company discount it cost me 1500 yen which is only about seven or eight quid. A cheap way of getting sozzled amid a setting a little different to usual.

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