The Kids Are All Right…

Its been a very busy September for most of the teachers in my company with lots of cover shifts and last Sunday was no exception. My job was to go to a party but before you think that sounds a bit easy I should add that this was for kids only between the ages of four and seven. There were four of us teachers on hand to ‘entertain’ the 40 children with two hours of games.

The hall we were in was divided into four zones with one corner for a story, one for hopscotch, one for bowling and the other for drawing a monster picture. Now I know that may sound quite organised but given that most kids have a short attention span and that very little planning and thought had gone into the games it was left to us teachers to effectively ‘wing it’ and milk every bit for all it was worth….and then some!!

Though I regularly teach a class of ten kids (big by my schools standards) trying to keep each group of 10 children for the allotted time was a little taxing. By the end of the two hours I was shattered but its all in days work.

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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