This is the follow up to the ‘A Lot of dieting is wishful shrinking’ article which I wrote a couple of months back and the title refers to ‘The Sun’s’ headline when the comedian Ricky Gervais was papped running with his i-pod. Amazingly my training is still on-going and its fair to say I am now quite hooked and enjoy the time jogging around the backstreets of my area with just my i-pod for company. That keeps me going as the shuffle option keeps me motivated to hear whats coming up next.

However, I have been getting very frustrated lately with all the rainy weather which has denied me a few times. I am now running for 45 minutes each time but I may have to put a cap on that as I really can’t find it in me to dedicate any more time as the warm up, cooling down afterwards and subsequent shower all add up.

I don’t really want to be one of those guys who dedicates so much time to keeping fit but i am still running five or six times most weeks which is less than when I started but more than the three or four times I think ok. I am impressed that I have been sweating a nice triangle pattern on my t-shirt which they always used to (and no doubt still do) get in the aussie soap ‘Home and Away‘ after running in Summer Bay aka Palm Beach.

Sadly I can’t complete the standard routine as I have no ‘Surf Club’ to enter after my run where I can then just grab a drink which I don’t appear to have to pay for before potting a ball that is hanging right over the pocket and leaving the club with someone I meet and leaving the aforementioned drink in the process

As far as the eating part is going, I am still refraining from snacks but I have been eating a bit of junk food lately in the knowledge that it will get burned off….hopefully! Whether that actually happens I really don’t know as I have no scales. Anyway, two months gone but for how long will I continue as the Winter approaches?

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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