A Breath Of Fresh Air

While walking through Shibuya on Sunday evening a few of us encountered an Oxygen bar. These have been becoming more common of late and so we thought we should sample it and so proceeded to sit in front of bubbling bottles of coloured liquid with tubes up our noses.

oyygen1  oxygen2

It’s supposed to be good for hangovers, help beautify your skin, reduce weight and fatigue, purify blood, increase metabolism and no doubt increase your manhood, make you a nicer person and turn your sh*t into gold!!. Call me sceptical but the only thing that i am sure it did for me was lighten my wallet to the tune of 300 yen for the tube thingy and a further 600 yen for the minimum 10 minutes time.

There were 24 kinds of aromatic liquid of which four were available to each person and you could use and mix them as you wished. I have to say that I did enjoy the novelty factor of it all but don’t think that it benefitted me too much.

oxygen5  oxygen4  untitled  untitled

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2 Responses to A Breath Of Fresh Air

  1. Gideon says:

    Ha ha you got a picture of the girl there, too.

  2. dfdhdfj says:

    Hai dôzo !

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