Losing Track Of Time

One of the great things about Japan is the amazing punctuality of its trains. They are timed to the very precise second. However, when there is even the sligtest of delays it becomes frustrating but why? When I used to get the train to work in England the trains were more often than not late but I was used to that situation where I expected them to be about 5 minutes late.

However, having become accustomed to Japan Railways network being on time its bl**dy annoying when they’re late as you don’t usually need to plan for such things. Anyway, yesterday there was a 35 minute delay while I travlled on the Joban (not so) rapid line. Still, no-one seemed to be getting angry with anyone else, particularly the JR staff. Definitely a case of higher expectations leading to bigger disappointments.

About tokyofox

A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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