My Favourite Inari Shrine For Each Of Tokyo’s 23 Wards

This compilation post features my favourite Inari shrine from each of Tokyo’s 23 wards. It was admittedly slim pickings for some of the wards so certainly don’t expect to be impressed by all 23! Justifying my choice for each of them with explanations would not be too interesting and indeed would probably be quite repetitive. Basically, I like any shrine which is small, has a tunnel of red torii gates, some red flags or some prominent fox statues.

1. Inari Shrine, Itabashi-ku. More details here

2. Takeyoshi Inari Shrine, Toshima-ku. More details here

3. Shōzoku Inari-jinja Shrine, Kita-ku. More details here

4. Shoei Inari Shrine, Katsushika-ku. More details here

5. Nakamichi Inari Shrine, Shinagawa-ku. More details here

6. Bashō Inari Shrine, Kōtō-ku. More details here

7. Ebisu Yamashita Fushimi Inari Shrine, Shibuya-ku. More details here

8. Inari Shrine, Nerima-ku. More details here

9. Shimizu Inari-jinja Shrine, Meguro-ku. More details here

10. Otome Inari Shrine, Bunkyo-ku. More details here

11. Tanishi Inari Shrine, Sumida-ku. More details here

12. Shiratama Inari Shrine, Nakano-ku. More details here

13. Inari Shrine, Edogawa-ku. More details here

14. Inari Shrine, Taito-ku. More details here

15. Hanabusa Inari Shrine, Chiyoda-ku. More details here

16. Mabashi Inari Shrine, Suginami-ku. More details here

17. Toyoiwa Inari Shrine, Chūō-ku. More details here

18. Anamoriinari Shrine, Ota-ku. More details here

19. Inari Shrine, Arakawa-ku. More details here

20. Toyokawa Inari Tokyo Betsuin, Minato-ku. More details here

21. Inari Shrine, Setagaya-ku. More details here

22. Yanagino Inari Shrine, Adachi-ku. More details here

23. Itoku Inari Daimyojin, Shinjuku-ku. More details here

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