Cycling To All Inari Shrines In Tokyo’s 23 Wards – The Stats

23 individual posts for each ward plus seven compilations (including this one) is one of the least interesting statistics for this overly-long series which has been limping on to this conclusion. This will indeed be the final post about this challenge as it is time to move on but lets bow out with some statistics from that time in the saddle…

  • Time between the 1st and 23rd ward = 18 months (20/5/2020 – 19/12/2021)
  • Total days spent on this challenge = 23 (1 per ward)
  • Total Inari Shrines visited = 239
  • Inari Shrines that I failed to get to = 2
  • Longest cycle ride = 90 kilometres (Ota Ward)

  • Shortest cycle ride = 7.85 kilometres (Shibuya Ward)

  • Ward with the most Inari shrines = Adachi (24)

  • Ward with the least Inari shrines = Taito and Arakawa (3)


  • Shortest time to cycle consecutive wards = 2 days
  • Longest time to cycle consecutive wards = 191 days
  • LCFC/fox tops worn in total = 23 (1 for each ward)
  • Total time = 67.29 hours
  • Total distance = 866.9 kilometres
  • Total calories burned = 26,194

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